Michael DeRosa


After receiving my Bachelor of Arts Degree in photography from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, Ca. I moved back to my home state of Connecticut. My first job was as a lithographer making color separations with the traditional cameras and film.

A few years later I moved to SoCal and worked as a photographer for a modeling school. I was promoted to Head Photographer and Studio Manager. Using the experience of that job I started my own modeling studio that flourished for 25 years. But with the advent of digital cameras, the internet and “Photoshop” the business began to decline.

Wanting to reinvent myself, I sold the business and went back to school for Cinematography and later, Graphic Design. I knew that I could transition easily into these fields with my experience in photography and Photoshop. I interned on film sets as a lighting technician and camera operator. Later I worked at a design firm as a graphic designer for 2 years.

I have worked on designing advertising and marketing material including logos, brand identity, posters, magazine layouts, Z and tri-fold brochures, 16+ page brochures, labels and packaging, trade show booths, POP ads and even some billboards.

I am proficient with the Adobe Creative Suite the “Creative Cloud” on a Mac platform including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I have also designed, built and managed web sites (including this one) using WordPress.